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Plethora of Players ~ Mary C. Findley

Good afternoon, folks. We have with us this morning a great character, Keith Bradley, from The Great Thirst Serial Archaeological Mystery from author Mary C. Findley. Welcome, Mister Bradley. We’re here to talk about this mystery of The Great Thirst. But first, we’d like to hear a little about you.

I’m a third generation schoolteacher. I’m a science teacher, twenty-five years old, and live with my dad and my sister. It’s a very small town.

You watch out for the kids as the buses come in. What about that stranger in a strange car?

That was Mis'ess Talia Ramin, the new English teacher. She got the parking lots mixed up. Seeing her drive up in a Tesla – amazing.

It must have been quite a shock to you, then, to learn you would be team-teaching a class with Mis'ess Ramin?

Grant money from the Bible as Literature class would help fix up the school. But there was no way I was going on that trip during Spring Break..

Why would you pass up a chance to visit Greece and Turkey if someone else was paying?

Because I intend on going to ProTechCon during Spring Break, to get back on track for my master’s.

Certain parents think you’re ignoring their concerns about cafeteria menus, remodeling, and this Bible Restoration Project. What would you say to those accusations?

We are doing our best to give their kids a safe, healthy school and a good, complete education. You can’t please everyone.

The next phase of the Bible Repository Project must have been quite a bombshell.

It really scared us. The Men in Black came to take everybody’s Bibles, notes, and memory cards.

You agreed to go on the December survey trip. What convinced you?

I thought those people were crazy, to keep working after what happened. This quest means a lot to Talia and her aunt and uncle. We got some mysteries to solve together.

Our viewers are dying to hear about the mysterious ancient technology you found on the survey trip, and where these finds were located.

I can’t get into specifics about what we did or exactly what we found over there. People still need protection. But I will say that I wasn’t the one who found the most important artifact, or made it work, really. It will take a lot of study and work to understand the secrets we helped discover.

Well, then, maybe you can explain what this Great Thirst business is all about?

The Bible says there’s going to come a time when people will be searching everywhere for the Word of God and not be able to find it.

So you are preparing for the end times? The Great Tribulation or something like that?

We’re preparing for persecution and people having to hide and protect the word to share it. 


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Author Bio:  Wife of a crazy smart man, mother of three kind of grownups, traveling the US and Canada in a tractor-trailer. Best-selling historical fiction author of the Benny and the Bank Robber Adventure series, Send a White Rose, and Chasing the Texas Wind.

Mary also writes for Mid-grade, and these highly-rated nonfiction and homeschool titles also available:
1) Praise for Benny and the Bank Robber: "Looked like a kids book. It really surprised me with a lot of interesting twists and being deeply spiritual."
2) Doctor Dad: "Real life situations, mystery and suspense along with a little comedy keep you wanting to keep on reading. SUPERB!"
3) The Oregon Sentinel: "This has been an excellent series. As a family, we have thoroughly enjoyed "meeting" Benny and his family and going along with him on his adventures which have been truly amazing."
4) Antidisestablishmentarianism: "This book will give you all the ammunition you need to get yourself straightened out and those you know and love. I recommend you get it and read it."
5) The Baron's Ring: "disability should not hinder you from accomplishing the things you want or desire to do in life and that we must always trust, believe and depend on God."
6) Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion: "Findley is one of those authors who stands a head above the rest in her effort to achieve perfection."

Mary's "tough but you need it" BLOG is Elk Jerky for the Soul 
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