Worth a Thousand Words

Leaving Dallas Love Field for the 2013 ACFW Conference in Indy!
In the clouds, I LOVE it! Going East!

I love flying, always thought I'd like to be a bird
Up there in the sky with the sunset! Breath taking!
And my night time view. Love the lights!

Daytime view from my Hyatt room, 14th floor, # 1407

More Seymour ladies: Patricia, Vanetta, and Amy Lillard

Mary and Ruth, Seymour authors
Seymour authors: Shelly Shepard Gray, Amy Clipston, and Jen
at the gala Sunday night

My agent, Mary Sue McAdoo Seymour!
All the Seymour Ladies. So glad I'm one!

This was taken at the Stone Briar Barnes and Noble in Frisco, Texas. I was signing THE ADVENTURES OF SERGEANT SOCKS book one THE JOURNEY HOME, a mid grade chapter book and the first of three River Bottom Ranch Stories. It's told from the point of view (POV) of a real orphaned colt we call Sarge. It's always fun to have another author there with you and this is my friend C. Dawn McCallum (Cindy to me) signing her THE CARETAKER OF TREE PALACE. She has such a lovely poetic voice, especially when she's in the POV of the doves in her story. Whodo do.

Thought y'all might want to see the man I've loved since I was sixteen years old. He's so ruggedly handsome, and kind, and patient, and generous, and faithful, and wise, and hard working and honest and full of integrity and loves the Lord so much and loves me the most after God! I am so thankful that God created me to be his wife and then that Ron chose me and asked me to marry him back in June, 1967, the summer before our senior year. I look back and we were such babies. What were we thinking? I know, that we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We just celebrated 45 years of marriage this past June 22, 2013. Looking forward to that Golden Anniversary in 2018 if the Lord tarries!

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