Thursday, October 1, 2015

Danger, a Big Dog, and Bombs! Oh. my!

♪♫¸•*♪ I may never march in the infantry, ride in the Cavalry, Shoot the artillery! ♪♫¸•* I may never zoom passed the enemy, but I'm in the King's army! *♥♪*•.♫♪ *Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

I'm reminded of this song I used to sing in Sunday School, but sing "I'm on The King's Highway"!
Debut Days never get old! October 1, 2015 brings a new series and book number ten that I've released in 2015; available in print or eBook formats!

The King's Highway is book one of a new trilogy --Days of Dread--by Christian author Caryl McAdoo. Classified as a mid-grade dystopia, it's written to bolster the faith of young believers that in all circumstances, God is with them and watching over them and will keep, guide and provide for them through the terrible days such as the world has never known.

This is a story of survival. It's...well here, rather than me telling you, let me share a review or four :)

The King’s Highway is a C. S. Lewis-type story, using symbolisms of the Bible. I loved the book! Loved the characters’ personalities! It held my interest, and I didn’t want to proof, just to read for enjoyment. It has just enough building to the climaxes with their adventure along the King’s Highway, with added depth that keeps the reader pondering about God, Jesus, and angels.
--Lenda Selph, a New Boston, Texas proofreader and lover of good books

Oh my dear Caryl!! Thank you so much for sending me a copy of The King's Highway!  As you know I devour books and I can't remember when I have enjoyed reading one as much as this one.  If I really like a book, I can read it in a day. 
I read this book twice in two days. I couldn't quit reading.  It has to be right up there with my all-time favorite books.  If anyone is thinking they won't read this book because it is labeled mid-grade, I would encourage them to reconsider.  You will miss a blessing. 
Anyone who is reading age from the mid grades to senior citizens (that's me) will love this book. The characters in the book are delightful.  I was right in the story with them following them all the way from their home in Irving to Red River County, anticipating every danger.  A fun, fun book!!
--Louise Koiner, a Clarksville, Texas beta reader 

“The King’s Highway” by Caryl McAdoo begins with a normal morning for three school age children. As their mother leaves for work and they get ready to head off to school, the unthinkable happens throwing their world into a tailspin like a jumbo jet falling from the sky. Assisted by a dog and an old man, the three siblings seek safety with relatives in the country. As their two week journey takes them through experiences no children should encounter, they begin to wonder if they will make it to their destination. After recent events, is there no safe place left on earth?
This first novel in the Days of Dread Trilogy fits the mid-grade classification in that the chief characters are mid-grade children. It is so much more than a dystopian story since it fits so well into the quest genre. Just as C.S. Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia” are much more children’s novels in that they are dearly loved and read by adults worldwide, even so “The King’s Highway” takes the adult reader hostage and keeps them enthralled to the very end, a point when they will want more story.
This book is so well written and edited that the critical eye of this reviewer found not one typo or mistake. For sure, every detail in the world Caryl McAdoo depicts fits perfectly with the projected future environment after another world war. It is to be dearly hoped that the author isn’t being prophetic in the scenario depicted in this book. Here’s looking forward to the next book “The Sixth Trumpet” due out hopefully before the Lord returns.
I read this story in an advanced reader copy and am under no obligation to provide a positive review.  –Cassandra Wessel, multi-published author and avid reader

I loved the story! The Kings Highway is an extraordinary view of how one teen reacts when placed with the responsibility of caring for his siblings as all chaos breaks lose in his town. Airplanes have fallen out of the sky and all electrical usage is no longer available. Jackson is left with no other choice than to travel with his siblings from their apartment to the grandparents’ house over 100 miles away. Jackson, questions his beliefs due to the events that take place. Loved the storyline! The book will keep you intrigued up until the last page and excited for the next book to come out.  This series is unique, creative and well thought out.

        --J. Raymond, a Jackson, Michigan reader


Jackson watched him disappear then turned his attention to Al. “So, what’s your story? You a pampered rich kid or what?”
The guy ducked his head then lifted one shoulder in a rather half hearted gesture. “Others might enlist me into such a category during earlier times, but any pampering or wealth unquestionably vanished five days ago with the EMP.”
McKenzie almost choked, coughing and gagging. “The what? Are you saying that you know what happened?”
“Yes, ma’am, certainly. In my estimation, an EMP is the only logical explanation as to why everything electronic ceased to function at precisely the same time.”
Cooper held his head back, mouth wide, ketchup packet open and hanging over his pie hole. “What’s empty got to do with anything?” He then squeezed the whole packet of red condiment, and it dropped in globs between his lips. He then tossed in a sardine.
Al put on quite a superior I-can’t-believe-you-didn’t-get-it expression. “Cooper, E-M-P. You know. It’s Starfish Prime all over again.”
Right back, McKenzie gave him one of those stop-being-a-smart-alec looks Jackson knew so well. “Good grief, lighten up, Einstein. He’s only nine! Now how about you tell us exactly what you’re talking about. Except this time, leave out the riddles and sea creatures. What do those initials stand for?”
“Acronym. They’re an acronym for Electromagnetic Pulse. Someone must have set off a nuclear explosion high in the atmosphere, probably somewhere over Kansas—at least that’s the logical place. I can only presume the outage extends coast to coast. Nothing else makes sense.”

I just know you're going to fall in love with the dog, a Great Pyrenees named Boggs who loves the siblings running for their lives. Jackson (15), McKenzie (13) and Cooper (9) are on foot, traveling from their home in Irving, Texas to their grandparents' in Northeast Texas. They pickup a few extra travelers on their way. I hope you love them all! 

BIO: Award winning author debuts her new Christian mid-grade, book one in the Days of Dread Trilogy THE KING’S HIGHWAY. The prolific, bestselling novelist loves singing new songs the Lord gives her and painting. In 2008, her high school sweetheart-husband Ron moved her to the woods of Red River County. Caryl counts four children and sixteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings believing all good things come from God. Praying her story gives God glory, she hopes each one ministers His love, mercy, and grace to its readers. She and Ron live in Clarksville, Texas with two grandsons, Christian and Benjamen.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

DELIGHT in SEPTEMBER! Blues and Books!

On a beautiful Saturday, September 26th, in Delight, Arkansas, nineteen authors will descend with books and swag for the annual Music Fest. The two simultaneous events offer families from all over the Four-State area a fun-filled end-of-summer outing! Blue Grass, Southern Rock, and the Blues will float through the trees in City Park as you meet the authors and peruse a wide assortment of books - from children's, mystery, and romance to Christian fiction (suspense, historical and contemporary romance). Here's a sneak peek (alphabetically :) 

Caryl McAdoo

Award winning, bestselling author Caryl McAdoo currently writes four series: the historical Christian ‘Texas Romance’; a contemporary ‘Red River Romance’; The Generations, her Biblical fiction and a mid-grade The King’s Highway. The prolific novelist loves singing new songs the Lord gives her and painting. In 2008, she and her high school sweetheart-husband Ron moved from the DFW area—home for fifty+ years—to the woods of Red River County. Caryl counts four children and sixteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings believing all good things come from God. Praying her story gives God glory, she hopes each one will also minister His love, mercy, and grace to its readers. Caryl and Ron live in Clarksville, the county seat, in the far northeast corner of the Lone Star State with two grandsons, Christian and Benjamen.
     Links:  All Books  Website   Facebook    

God’s perfect plan is oft so hard to determine.
In his life, Henry Buckmeyer has never been so beside himself. His little girls are so young, just babies, too young. He hates the whole idea of men coming to take them away and is inclined to shoot every one of them, but praise God for a level-headed, loving wife and step-mother! She helps keep him sane amidst the female chaos. Packed with fun, romance, deception, action, heartbreak and tears, this delightful Christian novel keeps the twists and turns coming.
Gwendolyn, Cecelia, and the youngest, Bonnie, make a pact never to break their father’s heart like their big sister did. Then their determination is sorely tried when suitors show up, and he gets so pigheaded with his rules.
Will Henry survive his daughters coming of age? Will they endure and keep their promises to each other?
Daughters of the Heart is book five in this series. While all are stand alone stories, readers believe the enjoyment is heightened reading them in order. Book one Vow Unbroken begins in 1832, and by book five, we're up to 1854.

The Generations Biblical fiction series brings familiar characters to life and puts the reader right there with them as they live the well know stories, The Bible's story is written in stone and not open to change, the fiction part weaves through and around that true part from a new perspective, maybe not so traditional. 

Charity Lowdermilk

Charity Meeks Lowdermilk is a proud native of southwest Arkansas where she currently resides with her husband and three sons.  An Honors Scholar Graduate, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, with a degree in nursing in 1996. She completed her master's degree in nursing science in 2014 at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. When she's not traipsing around old house places looking for heritage flowers, she enjoys uncovering quirky Southern history.

Book   Website   Facebook

Twelve-year-old Riley Dawson's world is torn apart when his mom dies and he is sent to live with relatives he hardly remembers in Moon Valley, Arkansas—far away from his beloved little sister, Jade. And just when a pocket watch from his long lost grandfather comforts him, he finds a newspaper article in his missing cousin's bedroom that reveals the sleepy little town's secret, a mysterious light that roams up and down the abandoned railroad tracks. When a local boy leads Riley to the light, they become passengers on an orphan train in nineteen eleven, speeding to an unsure fate under the direction of a wicked children's agent. Then Riley finds evidence of his cousin's disappearance into this world. Vowing to find him, Riley and his new friends face many challenges, including wrestling alligators and outwitting charmed greyhounds. Now they must master the fifth rule, given to them by a glowing man named Mike.  But will Riley ever see Jade again?
     In The Treasure, Jordan wants to find diamonds—lot and lots of shiny, white diamonds!  So does his older brother, John Caleb.  Baby brother Eli just wants to explore—crunchy dog food, mooing cows, and gooey mud are far more interesting.  But will the boys find the treasure they seek?

DiAne Gates  

Bio: Texas writer, DiAne Gates illustrates and writes fiction for children, YA, and serious non-fiction for the folks. Her passion is calling the Church’s attention to how far we’ve catapulted from God’s order as evidenced by her blog Moving the Ancient Boundaries,
     She worked as a photographer and writer for the East Texas Youth Rodeo Association and had the opportunity to be in the rodeo arena, feel the sting of Texas turf in her face and across her camera lens, which gave birth to this western rodeo adventure series. The first in this series is Roped. The sequel Twisted is almost finished, and the third story spins in her head.
     DiAne leads two edit groups for North Texas Christian Writers—LifeSavers for adults, and the award winning teen group, The PageMasters. She facilitates GriefShare, an international support ministry for those who’ve lost loved ones.Wife, mother, and grandmother, whose passion is to share those hard life lessons God taught her. Lessons that will leap from the page into your heart and play out in family relationships.
     Links:  DiAne Gates and FaceBook Author Page  Her Book

Thirteen-year-old Crissy Crosby chases a dream to live up to her parents’ rodeo legacy. But the rodeo championship is two months away and problems beyond her ability to solve stack and teeter like a game of Tumbling-Towers. Meanwhile rival Jodie Lea and her father, Ed Fairgate, contrive to swipe the silver buckles from Crissy’s grasp any way they can. Prejudice, anger, and dark secrets simmer in a pot of family feuds destined to boil over in a tragic nightmare at the rodeo. Will Crissy develop courage and faith to overcome the consequences of her temper? Will her dreams of buckles and titles become reality? Or will the character-building adversities of her life quash her dreams forever? 

Greg Gilbert

     One word describes what Speaker, Author and Leadership Coach, Greg Gilbert wants for his audience and readers; “Better.”

Better Results.
Better Profitability.
Better Morale.
Better Leadership.
Better Lives.
     Greg's programs and books are a collection of personally witnessed lessons, tools and opportunities that led to “Better” through 30+ years of leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching.
     He shares this journey to “Better” in four different manners;
1. A program at your next meeting or conference mapping out strategies to get “Better” in Leadership and Life.
2. True stories of success, failure and what led to each in his book, “The Power Of Better.”
3. Discreet but powerful Leadership and Life lessons in the fictional series, “50 Days Of Hay – A Life Changing Summer.”
4. Humorous, but thought provoking lessons from “Mr. HR With A Guitar” as part of his programs.

Website   Facebook   Amazon

If you love rural America, farming, ranching or the country way of life, you will enjoy "50 Days Of Hay." Below is a short description of what to expect;
My mother had reached her wit's end. She had exhausted every tool known to her and three counselors. It was the summer of 1999 and I was 16 years old. I remember the hatred I had for my mother when she told me I would be spending the summer at my grandparent's farm.

     I said, "I'm not going." This resulted in a suitcase of my clothes on the front porch. I was told to get in the car, or get out. I remember her exact words, "I love you too much to watch you destroy your life. If you want to continue down this path, do it in someone else's home, not mine. I can't bear to watch. Get in the car or get out."
     Tonight, 16 years later, I am at that ranch as we prepare to bury the most influential man of my life, my Papaw Joe. As I prepare for the toughest eulogy of my life, I am reading through the journals of a grandmother and grandfather that had unconditional love for a disrespectful, out of control, angry, broken young man.
     As I thumb through their version of that summer, I think back to my memories of each day. It was indeed the most developmental, attitude changing, heart softening period of my life. I invite you to join me on this journey though the journals of what I call "The 50 Days Of Hay."

Jaiemz Williams

 Born in Louisiana but raised in Arkansas, Jaiemz is very fond of his southern roots. In his spare time, he enjoys live music bands, bike riding, going to theater performances, reading, writing, and the occasional movie. Some of his favorite authors include Ted Dekker, James Patterson, Tim Lahaye, and Jerry B. Jenkens. Aside from writing, he also serves as assistant pastor and college professor, both of which he says allows him to share his passion of literature and philosophy. Having earned a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and Religion, he continues to study the spiritual arts and shares his knowledge with others. When not heavily involved in his work, Jaiemz can be found visiting the local ice-cream shops with his wife Krystal.
Website   Facebook   Amazon

Please Don't Run Away is a coming of age story centered on three friends who find themselves dealing with grief over the loss of a family member, peer pressure, and family turmoil. In order to maintain some form of unity and remain hopeful about the future, the three must band together and rely on their faith.
     In Lafayette, a young police detective, with modest and humble beginnings, returns home to find that his enemies have begun a master plan to take over the city's infrastructure. Faced with uncertainty and a yearning to leave everything behind, he clings to his faith while waging war with a city on fire.

Jerlyn Stone

Jerlyn Stone lives in a small Arkansas town with her husband of thirty-eight years. They live in the center of four beautiful lakes and each is within   twenty-five miles from their home. She claims there is nothing more peaceful than watching a beautiful sunset's reflection glimmer off the lake's water. She writes Detective Mystery Novels under the name Jeri Lynn Stone. Taunting Tara is now available on Amazon. She’s currently working on her second novel in the TARA series, Teaching Tara.

When two prominent business men are murdered and mutilated within hours of each other, New York Detectives Tara Woods and Matt Dobbs race to find the killer.
As they investigate the men's pasts, they discover similar unsolved murders spread across the states linked to their current cases.
And, then the deadly taunts begin.
The killer lures Tara to an abandoned building where the ugly truth from Tara's past and a burning rage erupts into violence and heartbreak.

J.L. Sapphire

J.L. Sapphire is the pen name & alter-ego of Joyce L. Thomas, a self-published author and the founder of Lady Virgo Publications. She was born and raised in Prescott, Arkansas, and currently lives in Nashville with her husband and two children. In 2014 she wrote her first book, and after spending many long hours on Google learning about ways to self-publish it, she released her first novella, My Secret Life: Confessions of a Housewife, where it reached #2 in the the Amazon Best Sellers in its category. Her novel, Two Can Play That Game, was published on June 27, 2014 and spent 3 consecutive days at  #1 in the Amazon Best Sellers for Contemporary Urban Fiction. Writing is Joyce's version of Calgon--by locking herself in her room, she gets away from everything and everybody (at least for a little while) and loses herself in the lives of the characters she creates.

The Hookup is Joyce's title: It's a romantic thriller/suspense book. It's the story of a one night stand gone wrong. Jada Lewis is sick and tired of her boyfriend, Todd’s constant cheating and verbal abuse. After she catches him red-handed, she sets out to get even for a change, hoping to meet someone to make her forget about Todd…if only for one night. After a chance encounter brings Jada and Brice Sullivan together, Jada decides that he would be the perfect guy to use to get back at Todd for cheating on her. However, her plans spiral out of control. 

John Achor 

John Achor's writing assignments have appeared in a variety of local, national and international publications such as Good Old Days, Computer Pilot, The Storyteller and Writers’ Journal. He enjoys writing about, “The subjects I know best: the military, flying and people I've known.” After that, John says he lets a vivid imagination take over.

The first of his three careers spanned twenty years as a U.S. Air Force pilot. He accumulated over 4,000 hours flying planes from Piper Cubs to the military equivalent of the Boeing 707.

After the military, he entered the real estate industry. He joined a national real estate franchise as a management consultant worked at the regional and national levels. Those positions led him to Phoenix , Arizona , and an affiliation with a major Savings & Loan institution.

In John's words, “When the Savings and Loan industry melted away like a lump of sugar in hot coffee, I knew it was time to develop a third career.” He became a freelance computer instructor, user-developer, consultant, writer and Community College instructor.

In mid 1999, John moved to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, where he resides in the piney woods with his wife, Pat and continues his writing.  

Website   Facebook   Amazon

Both books available as trade paperback and eBook."One, Two - Kill a Few" & "Three, Four - Kill Some More"

Kacy Hart

Hello I am Kacy Hart, I am twenty seven. I have a wonderful little family including my two daughters ages nine and seven. I was born and raised in Arkansas. I have always loved to read and always had a creative imagination, so becoming a writer just seemed like the next step in my life. I love to write it lets me live in a world were anything can happen and it be completely normal. My family loves that I have become a writer. I love the out that writing gives, had a bad day at work no problem go home and take it out on a character in the book. I find it relaxing, and it gives me joy to be able to entertain others. I plan to release books for years to come.
Facebook   Book

Katy's Book is Finding Fate's Desire's :  
Haven crawled up the steps of her ex-boyfriends basement and walked into a world that she had only read about in horror novels. After discovering fangs shooting from her gums and a ravenous hunger burning in her stomach she knew she would never be the same again. Vowing to make it on her own she learned to control her new cravings, eating only when she couldn't take the hunger pains any longer. It was while luring in her "dinner" one night that she met Deacon Northcross. Haven could hardly believe it when Deacon told her that he was her soul mate, although she couldn't deny the sizzle in her blood at his touch! Then the impossible happens when Barron shows up claiming her as well. Feeling the pull of both men leaves Haven confused and angry as she struggles to find herself while Fighting Fate's Desire's... 

Mary May

Mary has released 5 books since 2012. My angel series: Saving Gideon (The Angel Chronicles), Heart Lessons (The Angel Chronicles), Growing Years (The Angel Chronicles). Then On A Prayer, which is a single along with book one of her YA series The Red House.  She believes writing is her ministry and wants her readers close the book feeling closer to God, stronger in their relationship with Him. Mary enjoys pulling reader’s heartstrings as well as tickling funny bones! She lives in Foreman, Ar. with her husband and two sons.
   Links:  All Books   Website   Facebook

Book One of Mary May's new Young Adult series:
   Shelby Scott is your typical teenager with a very untypical problem. After moving into a new house with her mom and little sister, Shelby discovers that it is haunted by a whole cast of ghosts! First there is Jesse, the hunky murder victim of a love triangle gone seriously wrong. Then there is Martha the eternally tragic girlfriend/almost wife, of the aforementioned Jesse. Last but certainly not least is Robert, the murderer of Jesse and husband of Martha. They are all tied together in death as they were in life can Shelby find a way to make them all play nice so they can move on?

Nancy Smith Gibson 

Nancy Smith Gibson has been a voracious reader from an early age, but didn't start writing until she had an empty nest--if you can call it empty when she shares it with three rescue dogs and two rescue cats.
    Her professional years were spent as a "number please" and long distance telephone operator and supervisor, (in Arkadelphia) a census supervisor for various government surveys, and in real estate sales. For some years she also produced crafts for sales at arts and crafts fairs. The people she met and situations she encountered provide rich fodder for stories.
    She likes to read and write 'quirky' stories with unusual characters, as evidenced in her short stories published in Elements of Time, Elements of Dimension, Rocking Chair and Afternoon Tales, and Elements of Life, as well as online
    She is also active in genealogy research, tracing her family roots back several generations.
    She writes contemporary and historical 'sweet' romances, often including mystery and suspense. Betrayal on the Brazos is the first book in the Tales from the Brazos series. The second, Gussie and the Cherokee Kid will be released next spring, and she is writing the third, The Marriage Bargain. She writes for SoulMate Publishing,

When Maggie Lancaster's uncle sent her to Texas to care for Cousin Annabelle's children, Maggie didn't expect Annabelle's husband to be disdainful or her cousin's murderer to show up at their ranch.

Jeb Sutton assumed his wife's cousin to be as useless and complaining as Annabelle had been, but he was surprised when Maggie adjusted to her new surroundings with ease. His children adored her and she loved them, too. Soon his attitude toward Maggie began to change.

When Maggie's former suitor shows up, it's time for Jeb to make his feelings clear and ask Maggie to stay forever.

Penny Richards

Penny grew up loving to read, and everyone always claimed that she always had her nose stuck in a book. True. Her small town Illinois librarian let her check out four books at a time, so she'd check them out, read a book a day and take them back then get four more. Back then, books were simply called novels; topics weren't designated by genre. She read everything Emilie Loring wrote several times over, and also Grace Livingston Hill (possibly the first Christian romance writer, Frank G. Slaughter, who actually wrote historical romance, Jan Westcott, and many others. Years later and an almost sale to Little Brown and Co., she finally joined a writers group in Shreveport, LA in the late 70s and started actually studying the craft. Her first sale came in 1983, to Silhouette, Intimate Moments imprint. Since then, she's sold 40 books to Harlequin, Silhouette, Steeple Hill, and Harper Paperbacks. Her stories have won or been nominated for several industry awards, including a RITA nomination, 1991 Reader's Choice Award, Story Teller of the year, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Romantic Times. My titles have also made many best seller lists including USA Today's. Penny currently writes for Harlequin Love Inspired Historical and just signed a three-book contract with Kensington for her Lilly Long Mystery series, about a Shakespearean actress who becomes a Pinkerton Agent. Book one, AN UNTIMELY FROST released in August, 2016.

           Facebook   Amazon
Meg Thomerson needs assistance getting back on her feet—even if it comes from the man who made her a widow. Ace Allen didn't intend to kill her husband, he only wanted to protect the town from the man's rage. Now Ace is keeping Meg's business and farm running while she heals, both physically and emotionally. But is he helping her out of charity—or because of something more? 

Half Native American, Ace struggles to find his place in the world. He keeps himself isolated from the community, but sweet Meg begins to penetrate his defenses. At first, he simply wanted to make amends to her. Now, if she'll let him, he could become the loving husband she deserves…

Terrell Polite

Terrell polite is from Ashdown, Arkansas and is married to his wife of five years Mia Polite. Terrell and Mia also have two beautiful children Arianna and Elisha polite. Terrell surrendered his life to the Lord at the age of 16 and he accepted the calling on his life to preach the gospel at the age of 17. Terrell also have been blessed to do missionary work in Matamoros, Mexico and Arlington, Texas and he also has traveled in Arkansas do prison ministry. Terrell is a faithful man of God that loves sharing his faith in the Lord. Terrell is currently a minister and youth pastor at spirit and life fellowship in Ashdown, Arkansas, Terrell is also a graduate from teen mania honor academy located in Dallas, Texas. If their is any man enjoys laughing and blessing others, look no further than Terrell polite.
Facebook   Amazon

In the day and time we live in today, some women have a bad perception about men such as they are lazy, selfish, insensitive deadbeats and inadequate beings. Well, I've got news for you, men hurt too. In this book men are called to the forefront to take their rightful place as husbands, fathers, leaders and preachers. God has ordained man from the beginning of time to walk in authority and to be in constant fellowship with God. Behind the tough guy act, big biceps, and rough hands, are men that have lost their purpose and hid behind their silent pain and struggles. I encourage you to search the city of your soul and reclaim your identity and purpose back in Christ Jesus.

Other Authors coming to the SUPER SIGNING in D*E*L*I*G*H*T  are Donald Crane, Elizabeth Foster, Joellen Jones, K.T. Hughes, LaRee Bryant, and Sandy Steen

See you Saturday, September 26, in Delight, Arkansas! Bring your lawn chairs and the whole family!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's a Beautiful Debut Day!

How exciting it is every time a new title is released.It just never gets old. And I know the historical Christian Texas Romance series is one of y'all's favorites! And it certainly is mine, too! That makes the celebration for DAUGHTERS OF THE HEART all the more boisterous! You've seen the cover, but here it is again, because I just love looking at it and figure you will, too :)

   All of the girls are beautiful and smart as whips, too. They love God and never want to break their daddy's heart like their big sister did two years ago when she ran off and eloped--plus he was right all along about that no-good Caleb Wheeler!
   So the three girls, Gwendolyn, eighteen, Cecelia, seventeen, and Bonnie, twelve going on twenty--make a pact. They promise to abide by Daddy's rules and whatever he says. A noble treaty, right?
   But when suitors start calling, it becomes very hard to keep their word to each other. He's so strict, and his rules are worse than ridiculous! And worst of all, the one person who could help them, who wielded any influence over him, who should understand better than anyone and be on the righteous side of the females...isn't! 

   Gwendolyn  Belle instigated the Sister Pact, but before Clay Briggs even gets to asking for permission to court her, Daddy sends him packing. Said her beau needed to have a closer relationship with God! That they weren't a good match! How did he know? And who was he to judge Clay's standing with God. Wasn't that a personal issue?
   The young man from California who came to build Daddy a steam engine for the sawmill seemed to be interested, but still, her heart almost broke watching Clay ride off. They'd been good friends forever, and none of the Briggs boys were hard on the eyes. 
   And then--would miracles never cease?--a new man showed up at the Buckmeyer door, one she didn't know, but handsome enough...older than Clay...a bit of a dandy all dressed to the hilt. Perhaps her Daddy had been wise all along.

   Cecelia Carol knew the minute she saw him and set about making him love her and realize she was the sister for him, but he kept paying her older sister all the attention...the only one old enough to court at all according to their pigheaded father!
   Daydreams and night dreams only confirm to CeCe that he's the one, but she has almost a whole year to wait before Daddy will even allow him to ask to court her. By then, he'd surely chose her sister or be gone back home, and she'd probably never see him again.
   Nope, she had to do something. Something drastic to make him see. She schemed and plotted and birthed a plan to get him alone so she could talk with him. Make her love understand that she was worth waiting for. Then Daddy made his plans to be gone overnight with the timber man. 
   It was her only chance!

   Bonnie Claire hated being the youngest; she just hated it, truly! It wasn't fair that Daddy sent Clay Briggs back home when he was probably the best catch in Red River County, he'd broken Gwen's heart. It wasn't fair! He shouldn't get to choose. He was only a stubborn old man. What did he know?
   While her big sisters spent their time planning and crying and trying to talk Mama May into helping them, Bonnie filled her piggy bank serving as a chaperon because they weren't allowed to ever be alone with any of the three handsome young men who all of a sudden practically lived at her home.
   But it wasn't long at all before she figured out that one of them--the best one by far--was sweet on her. After all, when her ungrateful sisters spoke in a mean tone just because she asked a pertinent question, he took up for her. He'd even winked at her. He must love her! Would daddy ever even think about lowering his courting age to where she could be available to her soulmate, her one true love for life?

   The Texas Romances started only eighteen months with book one, VOW UNBROKENDAUGHTERS OF THE HEART is book five in the series and the fourth title I've published as an Indie (independent author--without a publishing company). My first, book two, HEARTS STOLEN debuted in September a year ago, followed by book three HOPE REBORN and book 4 SINS OF THE MOTHERS; that's four in one year's time.
   Plans are to debut book eight THE BEDWARMER'S SON in September 2016 with book six JUST KIN--that I wrote 'The End' on yesterday--in January and in May, 
AT LIBERTY TO LOVE also in 2016.
   Reports are already coming in that DAUGHTERS OF THE HEART is the best yet out of the series. That is so exciting to hear, because each one of these stories is quite different from the last, and I always wonder how readers will react.
   As many reviewers have said, they don't have to be read in order as each book is a stand alone story, but... you'll enjoy them even more if you've read the previous stories. I want to thank you for supporting me--purchasing my books and telling your friends--for reading the Texas Romance series, and for reviewing, sharing, commenting and liking Facebook posts. You ought to pick up The Generations Biblical fiction volumes and the contemporary Red River Romances, too. You're sure to fall in love with those characters, too.
   Love and blessings, y'all!

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Plethora of Players ~ Mary C. Findley

Good afternoon, folks. We have with us this morning a great character, Keith Bradley, from The Great Thirst Serial Archaeological Mystery from author Mary C. Findley. Welcome, Mister Bradley. We’re here to talk about this mystery of The Great Thirst. But first, we’d like to hear a little about you.

I’m a third generation schoolteacher. I’m a science teacher, twenty-five years old, and live with my dad and my sister. It’s a very small town.

You watch out for the kids as the buses come in. What about that stranger in a strange car?

That was Mis'ess Talia Ramin, the new English teacher. She got the parking lots mixed up. Seeing her drive up in a Tesla – amazing.

It must have been quite a shock to you, then, to learn you would be team-teaching a class with Mis'ess Ramin?

Grant money from the Bible as Literature class would help fix up the school. But there was no way I was going on that trip during Spring Break..

Why would you pass up a chance to visit Greece and Turkey if someone else was paying?

Because I intend on going to ProTechCon during Spring Break, to get back on track for my master’s.

Certain parents think you’re ignoring their concerns about cafeteria menus, remodeling, and this Bible Restoration Project. What would you say to those accusations?

We are doing our best to give their kids a safe, healthy school and a good, complete education. You can’t please everyone.

The next phase of the Bible Repository Project must have been quite a bombshell.

It really scared us. The Men in Black came to take everybody’s Bibles, notes, and memory cards.

You agreed to go on the December survey trip. What convinced you?

I thought those people were crazy, to keep working after what happened. This quest means a lot to Talia and her aunt and uncle. We got some mysteries to solve together.

Our viewers are dying to hear about the mysterious ancient technology you found on the survey trip, and where these finds were located.

I can’t get into specifics about what we did or exactly what we found over there. People still need protection. But I will say that I wasn’t the one who found the most important artifact, or made it work, really. It will take a lot of study and work to understand the secrets we helped discover.

Well, then, maybe you can explain what this Great Thirst business is all about?

The Bible says there’s going to come a time when people will be searching everywhere for the Word of God and not be able to find it.

So you are preparing for the end times? The Great Tribulation or something like that?

We’re preparing for persecution and people having to hide and protect the word to share it. 


             Amazon links: 

             BOOK ONE Prepared
             BOOK TWO Purified

             BOOK THREE - Pursued

Author Bio:  Wife of a crazy smart man, mother of three kind of grownups, traveling the US and Canada in a tractor-trailer. Best-selling historical fiction author of the Benny and the Bank Robber Adventure series, Send a White Rose, and Chasing the Texas Wind.

Mary also writes for Mid-grade, and these highly-rated nonfiction and homeschool titles also available:
1) Praise for Benny and the Bank Robber: "Looked like a kids book. It really surprised me with a lot of interesting twists and being deeply spiritual."
2) Doctor Dad: "Real life situations, mystery and suspense along with a little comedy keep you wanting to keep on reading. SUPERB!"
3) The Oregon Sentinel: "This has been an excellent series. As a family, we have thoroughly enjoyed "meeting" Benny and his family and going along with him on his adventures which have been truly amazing."
4) Antidisestablishmentarianism: "This book will give you all the ammunition you need to get yourself straightened out and those you know and love. I recommend you get it and read it."
5) The Baron's Ring: "disability should not hinder you from accomplishing the things you want or desire to do in life and that we must always trust, believe and depend on God."
6) Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion: "Findley is one of those authors who stands a head above the rest in her effort to achieve perfection."

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