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FAITH is a Gift! February 2 Debut!

A GIFT in more ways that one!
       I'm so excited about this new contemporary Christian Red River Romances series! I started writing it and April's release Sing a New Song as novellas, but they both went well over 40,000 words. Still aren't my normal 300+ page historical novels though, so be forewarned.
       And this title in e'book format is my gift to all those subscribed to my newsletter THE CARYLER!  That's right, can you believe it? I'm thanking my subscribers with a free book every quarter! SING A NEW SONG is the second quarter's offering, and ACQUIRING A WIFE in August for the third quarter! 
       I wrote each in one month and really enjoyed the characters! The Preacher' Faith is set in Red River County. There are two little Baptist churches north of Clarksville, one named Hopewell and another named New Hope, so I made a fictitious New Hope Baptist Church for the book. 
       But the Rio Verde Mexican restaurant and the Italian Bistro, Rehkoph's and the shops mentioned are all in it, and I think that's so much fun! You may recognize a few names from around town if you live in Clarksville or from the historical novels you've read from the old timers in the Red River County of my Texas Romance series. 
       Poor Faith, her daddy's dying, and he so wants to see her married and settled before he goes. He hopes to walk her down the aisle. And to appease him, she promises to marry if a guy meeting her qualifications asks. Dumb-dee-dumb-dumb! :)

Here's what this story is about:

      Can the orphaned preacher and the heartbroken rodeo queen navigate the path to true love with a lie and an ex-beau blocking their way?
      Learning of Faith Johnson’s rash promise to her father, New Hope Baptist’s interim preacher Asa Davidson shows up to apply for the position—of husband. The cowgirl was only trying to give her dying father hope promising to marry the first thirty-something-year-old Christian virgin to ask. Who’d ever dream one existed in all of Texas, much less Red River County? But sure enough, one comes a’courting the very next day thanks to the Lord and Daddy’s baby sister, loud mouth Aunt Iris. Faith’s appalled, but a promise is a promise. She only needs to figure a way out.
Originally, Asa sees matrimony as a career move. He hopes a godly, local wife will seal the deal for a permanent call. Then asked right out about that very thing, he lies. Sparks fly when her past love and the preacher meet up, but as the days pass, she finds herself admiring the man and his relationship to God more and more. He’s a hard worker and wonderful, fun companion. Maybe she could learn to love him. But what if New Hope doesn’t call him? She loves it right where she’s at. Plus what about her dying father? And there’s that untruth between them….
And to make things even harder, her ex comes to Christ through it all!

My town! I'm so glad God led us to Clarksville, seat of Red River County!

Opening excerpt from The Preacher's Faith:
A black sedan rolled across the main entrance cattle guard. Faith sat a little taller in the saddle. Shame it wasn’t a new truck pulling a full Featherlight horse trailer, but hey, any new business would be a Godsend. Instead of coming to the barn though, the car stayed right and went up to the house. New nurse, maybe?
Whatever. The gelding needed at least another fifteen minutes. She worked him hard—several times around with a right front lead, turn around the other way on a left lead, backed him one complete lap—then took him into the wash stall. She’d never known a horse who loved baths better than the beautiful paint, and so intelligent, almost too smart for his britches. Definitely one she wouldn’t mind calling her own.
Halfway to having him brushed out, the barn’s man-door opened.
“Miss Johnson?”
She looked over the gelding’s back. The form of a man stood in the doorway silhouetted by the late afternoon sun. Tall with broad shoulders, he filled the opening. She couldn’t see if he looked like money or not, but hey, even poor guys needed their horses trained. “Yessiree, that’d be me. How can I help you?”
“I came about the position.”
“You’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not hiring.”
The guy stepped in and closed the door, his face still dark and indistinguishable. “That isn’t what your aunt Iris said.”
“Bless Auntie’s heart, I don’t know what she’s thinking, but she’s just wrong. I’m not hiring. Sorry you came all this way for nothing.”
Her eyes started adjusting, and the man, maybe a few years older than her, came into view. A sort of good-looking type in a townie kind of way, but… “Maybe you need to come tell her yourself, Miss Johnson.”
Oh no, the place was a wreck. Faith needed to get in the house and stop the old dear. “Auntie’s here?” The perfectionist would have herself a heart attack for sure.
“Yes, ma’am. She rode out with me.” A sly grin etched the man’s face.
Dear Lord, what was going on? She didn’t have time for this. Faith grabbed another brush and tossed it to him. “Here, make yourself useful.”
“Sure. What do I do?”
“Brush that side.”
She moved the soft bristles a bit faster. Why, oh why, hadn’t she taken a little time and cleaned up this morning? A mental walk-through horrified her all the more. The armload of dirty laundry on the window bench in the living room. She’d been on the way to the utility room when her daddy needed help.
She didn’t even want to think about the kitchen’s condition.
And how long had it been since she swept? The dirty baseboards with webs and dog hair and who knew what else… And oh no, she left all her papers scattered all the way around her swivel rocker from looking at the bills and trying to figure out exactly how she was going to get them all paid.
Bless God! Just what she needed. Why this person brought her house-crazy-keeping aunt all the way up to Negley, especially unannounced, proved more than a little irritating. This is a test, this is only a test, she assured herself.
“Brush only in the direction his hair grows.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
She worked down each leg to the hooves with her mind racing a minute mile for the reason her daddy’s sister might have told this fellow there was a job opening. She’d love some help if she could afford it, but… In not quite half the regular time, the gelding rested in his stall, hayed, grained, and happy.
Sliding the paint’s door closed, she practiced what she wanted to say then latched the stall and faced the intruder. “Okay look, I don’t know who you are, but hey, I’d appreciate the truth. Why are you here? Really.”
“Sorry, ma’am.” He extended his hand. “Name’s Asa Davidson.”
Closing the couple of steps between them, she one-shaked the offering then nodded toward the door. “How is it you know Aunt Iris anyway?”
“Met her at church. I’m the new interim pastor out at New Hope Baptist.” He stepped out into the late afternoon sun. Better looking than she first thought, but dear Lord, the man really needed to get himself a pair of Wranglers and some boots. Slacks and loafers would not do, leastwise not in these parts. He stuck out like a newborn white Charolais calf.
She walked beside him toward the house. “So, exactly what is this job Auntie is talking about? Did she tell you?” She looked over and grinned. “I’m already saved, a blood-bought, Bible-thumping child of the King.”
“That makes you a princess.”
“Yessiree, bless God. So if you’re not here to share the Good News, Pastor, what was it she told you I needed?”
“A husband.”
She stopped in her tracks, practically paralyzed. Tried to swallow, but couldn’t. He took two steps more then turned back, smiling.
“Did you just say husband?”
“Yes, ma’am. Miss Iris said you told your father yesterday that you’d marry if an eligible bachelor asked you.” He shrugged. “So what do you think?”

ReviewsThese reviews come in before the book is actually released. These readers are on my 'street team' or 'Review Crew' that I call my Christian eVALUaters! If you'd like to join that team and receive free e'books before the actual debut of some of my titles, then you can SIGN UP here!   

Great Story! Hope there’s a sequel. I love to see the artful dodger as a part of it, maybe a reunion? And he could find his mother. Just love curling up in an afghan and cup of cappuccino and reading Caryl’s books!
--Lenda Selph, reader, New Boston, Texas

The Preacher's Faith, as with all Caryl McAdoo's novels, is full of good scriptural advice. The title is a play on words...does 'faith' refer to a personal faith or the person Faith or both? Have a read and decide for yourself. …a quick and easy read, and just right for a cold winter's day - your heart will be warmed by this delightful little story.
       -- Julia Wilson UK

This was my first book to read by Caryl McAdoo and I absolutely loved it. I will be reading more. I love the way she prays that her story gives God Glory and dedicates The Preacher’s Faith to Him and His Kingdom. You will find the two main characters, Faith and Asa, talk back and forth discussing scriptures. [It’s] a good clean book to read. I was drawn into this story right from the start. I loved this book and can’t wait for book two
-- Elizabeth Dent, reader, Alabama

Bio: With sixteen titles released by six publishers, (Simon & Schuster’s Howard Books being one), I am excited about my first contemporary Red River Romance The Preacher’s Faith set in Red River County. I love being hybrid, too. That means I'm traditionally published (Howard, Roman and Littlefield, and Thorndike Press) and now also Independently (Indie) published. I also edit, paint, and sing the new songs God gives me as well as many other songs!
       In 2008, my high school sweetheart-husband Ron and I moved from the DFW area—home for fifty-five years—to the woods of Red River County. I count four children and fourteen grandsugars my life’s biggest blessings believing all good things come from God. Praying her story gives God glory, I hope my books also minister His love, mercy, and grace to all their readers as well as cause them to examine their own relationship with Him and draw closer to Him.
       I live with Ron and two grandsons--Christian and Benjamen--in Clarksville, the county seat in the far northeast corner of the Lone Star State I love, And we also have four dogs and a bunch of barn cats. 


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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Celebrate HOPE!

Welcome! How exciting to introduce to you: HOPE REBORN, book three of the historical Christian Texas Romance series! What an amazing ride God has me on!


♫♪*`•. I'm going to sing.•*♪¨*sing•♪♫ SING!!♪♫•*¨♪ I'm going to shout.♪♫¸¸.•*♪ Shout!*•.¸ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ¸SHOUT!.•*º° I'm gonna sing!•.¸.•ڿڰۣ I'm goonna shout!(̆̃̃ڿڰۣ♫♪*PRAISE THE LORD!`º°¨•.¸When those gates are open wide¸•.¸.•*♪♫• I'm gonna sit by Jesus' side!♪♫¸•*♪ I'm gonna sing♫♪*`•. I'm gonna shout!.•*♪¨*♥•♪♫ 


In this new story, successful New York dime novelist May Meriwether sees an article in the paper and is convinced two Texas Rangers would offer great inspiration as a love interest for her new heroine and sets out to the Lone Star State with her companion Chester in tow. 
     She's given up long ago on her dreams of finding her own true love and having a family, relegating them to the recesses of her heart. But a widower resurrects a smidgen of hope. Only his superstitious beliefs stand in the way--and his love for his dead wife.

Enjoy this excerpt!
       "Her two-room suite on the third deck practically took her breath away, much fancier than her own bedroom and the parlor back home. Dinner, served almost as she boarded, tasted divine.
After putting away the rest of her things, he placed her valise on the writing table, took out the manuscript, ink well and quill pen. “Anything else, ma’am?”
“Yes, please. I need another forty thousand words. Have any idea where I might pick some up?”
“May I suggest the same place you obtained all the others?”
“Oh Chester, Chester, Chester. I was afraid you might say something completely and dreadfully useless like that. Why can’t you ever tell me what I want to hear?”
He grinned, bowed, then backed out like a real butler, and like she was a real lady.
“Where’s your room?”
He stopped at her door. “Directly across the hall. Supper’s at eight, ma’am. A warning bell will sound.” He bowed his head. “You should be able to cut that forty by a third before reclining for the night.”
She curled her lip. “Work, work, work. You’re such a slave driver.”
He smiled again and closed her door.
No way could she write that fast, much less think of that much for her arrogant, mindless heroes and her whiny coy heroines to do or say. That’s it.
She’d have them marry, say I do, and be done with the lot of them. Too bad the contract she’d signed clearly spelled out one hundred thousand hard-won words.
Why, oh why, had she accepted the advance?
She slipped out of her skirt and bustle then plopped into the chair. It didn’t even swivel, and the seat cushion wasn’t soft enough, and…now who was being whiny? She smiled.
After all, weren’t all the well-rounded characters she created at least a tad like her? She hefted her hiney to the back of the seat cushion and straightened the blank pages.
No time for complaining and whining.
She stared at the last page she’d worked on, reread it, and picked up the pen. She carefully opened the ink well then tickled her chin with the feather. The tickle never failed.
An idea emerged, and she dipped the quill in the offending black liquid. Soon flowing phrases filled the page. Like soldiers marching to a sure death, the letters formed their lines and hurried to their boring demise.
Doing what paid so well, she started mussing the next pristine white paper page.
Two wrong turns and five hundred decent words later, the supper bell rang and set her loose from the chains of her imagined dungeon. Shortly, Chester followed her down to the grand dining hall.
He located then held her chair out. Once seated, he scooted her closer to the table then backed away.
She nodded at the woman to her right. “Good evening, ma’am.” Then bent her wrist and extended her hand to the gentleman on her left. “Hello, May Meriwether, sir. Good evening.”
He took her fingers ever so gently. “The same May Meriwether who killed her husband last year?”

And wow! Twenty-one Five-star reviews of twenty-one! Here's a sample: 
    Ms. McAdoo once again has gripped me from page one. (I read this book in almost one sitting. I quit reading around 2/3 one morning and resumed later in the day after I got caught up on sleep.) These Texas Romance/Christian Romantic Historical Western Adventures are certainly full of all of the aspects of each genre individually and meshed into a wonderful story that is very unique and unforgettable. 
                                                             -- Rachelle Williams, a Mississippi reader

I love series books and A Texas Romance series is full of mystery, suspense, twist, turns, forgiveness, redemption and love. The story kept me captivated. The dialogue is entertaining and heartwarming. The story does have a cliffhanger for the next book.
                                                                             -- Kathy Watts, reader in Sevierville, Tennessee

Hope Reborn is the third in a series. It is not necessary to read the first two but it is helpful to get the background.I loved the characters in this book, and I thought it was so much fun that Ms. McAdoo put her novels in as though they were written by May. (Hint: If you haven't read Lady Luck's A Loser and plan to, you might want to read it first.) This was a great story and I can't wait until the next one comes out.                              -- Susan Johnson, reader in Odessa, Texas   

Author's BioWith fourteen titles released by six publishers, Simon & Schuster author Caryl McAdoo is excited about her newest historical Christian Texas Romance series HOPE REBORN (1850 / Jan. 9, 2015), book three after VOW UNBROKEN (1832 / March 2014) and book two HEARTS STOLEN (1844 / September, 2014). The novelist also edits, paints, and writes new songs. In 2008, she and her high school sweetheart-husband Ron moved from the DFW area—home for fifty-five years—to the woods of Red River County. Caryl counts four children and fourteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings believing all good things come from God. Praying her story gives God glory, she hopes they books will also minister His love, mercy, and grace to all their readers. Caryl and Ron live in Clarksville, the county seat, in the far northeast corner of the Lone Star State. 

Comment here on the blog for the opportunity to win a print copy of HOPE REBORN. Earn and extra entry for each Like, Follow, Tweet, subscribe, comment, and share on any social media, please let me know here where all you went and what all you did in your comment! BLESSINGS from Red River County, Texas! 


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Sunday, January 4, 2015

TSUNAMI Then and Now

How blessed is India that Bishop Leo Michael and his writing wife Holly have this story to tell? If not the whole country, at least those poor souls who lived on the south seashore of India who experienced and survived the devastation of the worst tsunami of our lifetimes.

It happened on December 26, 2004. The pictures they showed on the news will forever be in my memory. Until that time, I'd never heard a tsunami. I'm uncertain why, but India's TSUNAMI 2004 made the news world-wide. And the Michaels almost immediately started a fund-raiser in Northern Arkansas that quickly went coast to coast and the generosity of Americans shone. 

This new book Tsunami 2004, Still Wading Through Waves of Hope is a work of love from these two servants of God.

It tells two true stories, a decade apart, tied together by the Michaels' Christian works of charity to those affected by the natural disaster in India. They went in January, 2005, within two weeks of the gigantic wave's annihilation of life as the simple fisherfolk knew it.

The Children, survivors of tsunami:
Tsunami orphaned so many little ones, and besides helping the adults, the Michaels turned the love of Christ toward these little ones and in 2005, set up certificates of deposit for those who lost one or both of their parents in the storm. The CDs were set up to mature in ten years.
The children all got a new shirt and shorts and were required to go to the bank. A very grown-up thing for them to do.
In TSUNAMI 2004, Still Wading Through Waves of Hope, author Holly Michael writes about that first trip. The people they met, the love they extended and devastation and despair they encountered first hand.
The children in 2005 lined up for a picture, the other photo show young entrepreneurial boys gathering what the sea gave back to scrap for a few pennies to buy food. 

The book that you won't be able to put down is filled with heart wrenching photographs from the trip in 2205 as well as the journey in 2014 to go back for the tenth anniversary of the natural disaster. Fishing was the livelihood of so many, yet some of the men refused to fish in the waters that swallowed their loved ones. To the right, the smoldering piles are bodies burning, thousands of lives were lost.

And God made a way for them to return in 2014, just before the tenth anniversary of the tsunami and see those children they met a decade ago, and make sure they received their monies if they chose to cash them in. You'll be right there on the beaches a decade later and see how things have changed.

Holly also interviews the children, now ten years older and starting their lives with a little help from their matured certificates of deposit. They remember that day and share their survival stories and the obstacles they still face.

After the shock of loss that fateful day, the children needed places to sleep, food. Many surviving fathers abandoned their family leaving the older siblings to care for the younger.

While it is a story that will touch your heart, the courage and brave stamina of the stories speak of determination to overcome what life offered. It reminds me of a verse: In the world, you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for He has overcome the world. God's presence was with the Michaels there on the beautiful tropical beaches, recovered in 2014, though life there will never be the same carefree existence for those survivors of tsunami 2004. You will not want to miss this book!

A Memorial to the Lives Lost

Holly with Big Ben in the backgroud. 

The orphans a decade later, Some traveled for hours to see the Michaels again.

Holly Michael also has a novel that you'll definitely want to read if you haven't already. Crooked Lines is available in print or digital formats. She artistically weaves two stories, two souls in two cultures, together for a you-can't-put-it-down novel. A sequel is planned to release in 2015.
And be watching in the Spring for Harvest House's  publishing FIRST AND GOAL: What football taught me about life, a wonderful devotional written with Jake, her NFL football playing son. I had the privilege of being a beta reader and can truthfully say you will not need to be a fan of the game to thoroughly enjoy the book! And you'll learn a few things, too!

LINKS:   Amazon Tsunami   Amazon Crooked Lines  Blog   Facebook

To win a copy of TSUNAMI 2004, Still Wading Trough Waves of Hope, leave a comment below.