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I Believe! I Believe! THE TURNING

Christian Blog says Do What God Asks of You
Do what God Asks of You!
Kudos and three cheers to Davis Bunn for writing an awesome book about the marvelous ways of of our awesome God. How He plans and directs and sends us help and encouragement and victory in the face of our enemies. Davis weaves a tale so believable, I could have been seeing it all happen on Fox!

He brings together the most unlikely candidates: John, middle aged father with a secret and a wife who adores him, Jenny, the young highly intelligent oriental girl at odds with her father, Alicia, a black choir leader who loves nothing more than praising God, a doctor trying to finish his residency, and a beloved lady, Ruth, widow of America's greatest evangelist.

God calls each of them for His purpose. With human frailties, fears, and self preservation instincts, will they choose to do the hard thing God asks of them? The answer - to my heart's thrill and God's glory - is a resounding YES! But can they follow through when the going really gets tough? I was reminded of "God works all things together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

You know, as an author, learning the craft of creative writing has truly detrimentally affected my reading, and editing professionally for thirteen years hasn't helped either!. It's very hard to get into a book that was'es me to distraction and jumps all over the place introducing characters that don't seem to go together, getting into each one's head, but I promised to read THE TURNING and kept at it. I'm uncertain when the story took over and all the was'es faded from my view and the characters became friends I loved and could easily keep them apart, but I can say it happened early in this book, and I did not want to put it down again until I found out what happened.

And while these brothers and sisters consider or go straightaway to the turning God speaks to each about, another young man on the rise is taking the money moguls to town. Dripping with success, money, and the beautiful girl Trent Cooper plays a bad guy you're praying for! With his career on the line, he's out to convince the world Hope is Dead!

But God has a plan.

You will not be sorry you pick up THE TURNING! It's a wonderful book with heart warming messages filled with truths of God's love. It will lift your spirit and build your faith. And if you do not know Christ as your Lord and Savior, read it because you will enjoy it, too, and you may just get saved!    

Davis Bunn
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BIO: Davis Bunn is a self-proclaimed renaissance man who left his career in business to start a successful writing life. He has been honored with Christy aad Carol Awards for contemporary and suspense fiction. A sought after speaker, Davis teaches in the creative writing programme at The University of Oxford. He and his wife Isabella split their time living between Oxford and Florida.

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