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Cover Reveal Party x2 for Holly Michael's CROOKED LINES --and-- Caryl McAdoo's HEARTS STOLEN


          As the author of this book, I am so very blessed to have my cover designed by DogEared Design, amazing graphic artist Kirk DouPonce. He did the cover to VOW UNBROKEN as well and I may even love this one more! See at Kirk's website 
          Starting with Rosaleen "Sassy" Fogelsong Nightengale, also called Rose, my beautiful heroine: She's young, almost sixteen in Chapter One. That summer of 1839, two Comanche braves captured her and carried her far from home.Then in Chapter Two, it's 1844, and she's turned twenty-one and weary of being held captive.
          Enter Levi Bartholomew Baylor, famed Texas Ranger, who rides into the peace camp of Bold Eagle (teepees on the cover) that October with a detail sent to recover white women who've been stolen according to the Tehuacana Creek Treaty negotiated by Sam Houston.
          But Sassy's name wasn't on the list. She determines that she will leave with her four-year-old son Charley, named after his father Charles Nightengale, but born as the son of the Comanche chief. She'll either be free or she'd be dead. That she recognizes the handsome Ranger as the brother of her childhood friend Becky makes her more determined. Freedom or death, she won't spend one more day as a third wife.
          I wholeheartedly believe that the only other character who earned a spot on the cover of HEARTS STOLEN is sure to steal your heart away like he did mine--that's Charley. Born in the Comanche camp, he was raised as the chief' own son though he's blonde and blue-eyed. To say the least, he's a little wild man, but all together adorable and a big scene stealer!

For the Veggies and dip Lovers

Fruit-n-herb flavored water
  I hope you'll enjoy some refreshments:

Sweet Tea
Jalapeno Cream Cheese Meatballs

Watermelon Hedgehogs
Peach Salsa Dip
Chicken, Broccoli and Cheese muffins
Banana Cream Pie Bites

Pecan Poe Cupcakes

Yum, guess you could call me a pepper belly because I do love those jalapenos! And no gathering in the south is a party without Sweet Tea to drink, but for those of you health conscious party-goers... That flavored water is excellent as well and I chopped and peeled all those veggies just for you! 

1840s farm dress 
And here's what I'm wearing to the party today - it's period 1844! and GREEN! What an elegant and feminine time, when ladies wore such beautiful, modest dresses. I still wear only modest dresses, but do enjoy my modern conveniences such as washing machines (clothes and dishes) and dryers and for sure, I do enjoy my conditioned air!!  

Here is a code you will need in the scavenger hunt:
Scavenger Hunt Clue #2

          I love writing historical (1832, 1844, and 1850) Christian (glorifies God!) western (Texas) adventure (lots!) romance (love) novels! Having Simon and Schuster publish VOW UNBROKEN was an experience to be sure! I thrilled that so many men are reading and enjoying it, too! And many HEART STOLEN readers (helpers to get reviews ready and catch errors and type-Os) are saying they even like it better!
          Music to an author's ears :) Y'all be blessed! Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear from you! 

All together, I cannot choose a favorite between this and VOW UNBROKEN's (my first historical Christian western adventure romance :) cover. Which do YOU like best?
HEART STOLEN debuts September 5, 2014 and I'll send one copy to the winner of this contest. 

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