Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's a Beautiful Debut Day!

How exciting it is every time a new title is released.It just never gets old. And I know the historical Christian Texas Romance series is one of y'all's favorites! And it certainly is mine, too! That makes the celebration for DAUGHTERS OF THE HEART all the more boisterous! You've seen the cover, but here it is again, because I just love looking at it and figure you will, too :)

   All of the girls are beautiful and smart as whips, too. They love God and never want to break their daddy's heart like their big sister did two years ago when she ran off and eloped--plus he was right all along about that no-good Caleb Wheeler!
   So the three girls, Gwendolyn, eighteen, Cecelia, seventeen, and Bonnie, twelve going on twenty--make a pact. They promise to abide by Daddy's rules and whatever he says. A noble treaty, right?
   But when suitors start calling, it becomes very hard to keep their word to each other. He's so strict, and his rules are worse than ridiculous! And worst of all, the one person who could help them, who wielded any influence over him, who should understand better than anyone and be on the righteous side of the females...isn't! 

   Gwendolyn  Belle instigated the Sister Pact, but before Clay Briggs even gets to asking for permission to court her, Daddy sends him packing. Said her beau needed to have a closer relationship with God! That they weren't a good match! How did he know? And who was he to judge Clay's standing with God. Wasn't that a personal issue?
   The young man from California who came to build Daddy a steam engine for the sawmill seemed to be interested, but still, her heart almost broke watching Clay ride off. They'd been good friends forever, and none of the Briggs boys were hard on the eyes. 
   And then--would miracles never cease?--a new man showed up at the Buckmeyer door, one she didn't know, but handsome enough...older than Clay...a bit of a dandy all dressed to the hilt. Perhaps her Daddy had been wise all along.

   Cecelia Carol knew the minute she saw him and set about making him love her and realize she was the sister for him, but he kept paying her older sister all the attention...the only one old enough to court at all according to their pigheaded father!
   Daydreams and night dreams only confirm to CeCe that he's the one, but she has almost a whole year to wait before Daddy will even allow him to ask to court her. By then, he'd surely chose her sister or be gone back home, and she'd probably never see him again.
   Nope, she had to do something. Something drastic to make him see. She schemed and plotted and birthed a plan to get him alone so she could talk with him. Make her love understand that she was worth waiting for. Then Daddy made his plans to be gone overnight with the timber man. 
   It was her only chance!

   Bonnie Claire hated being the youngest; she just hated it, truly! It wasn't fair that Daddy sent Clay Briggs back home when he was probably the best catch in Red River County, he'd broken Gwen's heart. It wasn't fair! He shouldn't get to choose. He was only a stubborn old man. What did he know?
   While her big sisters spent their time planning and crying and trying to talk Mama May into helping them, Bonnie filled her piggy bank serving as a chaperon because they weren't allowed to ever be alone with any of the three handsome young men who all of a sudden practically lived at her home.
   But it wasn't long at all before she figured out that one of them--the best one by far--was sweet on her. After all, when her ungrateful sisters spoke in a mean tone just because she asked a pertinent question, he took up for her. He'd even winked at her. He must love her! Would daddy ever even think about lowering his courting age to where she could be available to her soulmate, her one true love for life?

   The Texas Romances started only eighteen months with book one, VOW UNBROKENDAUGHTERS OF THE HEART is book five in the series and the fourth title I've published as an Indie (independent author--without a publishing company). My first, book two, HEARTS STOLEN debuted in September a year ago, followed by book three HOPE REBORN and book 4 SINS OF THE MOTHERS; that's four in one year's time.
   Plans are to debut book eight THE BEDWARMER'S SON in September 2016 with book six JUST KIN--that I wrote 'The End' on yesterday--in January and in May, 
AT LIBERTY TO LOVE also in 2016.
   Reports are already coming in that DAUGHTERS OF THE HEART is the best yet out of the series. That is so exciting to hear, because each one of these stories is quite different from the last, and I always wonder how readers will react.
   As many reviewers have said, they don't have to be read in order as each book is a stand alone story, but... you'll enjoy them even more if you've read the previous stories. I want to thank you for supporting me--purchasing my books and telling your friends--for reading the Texas Romance series, and for reviewing, sharing, commenting and liking Facebook posts. You ought to pick up The Generations Biblical fiction volumes and the contemporary Red River Romances, too. You're sure to fall in love with those characters, too.
   Love and blessings, y'all!

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