Saturday, June 20, 2015

I Love The Craft of Writing

I've been thinking about this book for a long time. I've contributed to online writing magazines and published regular columns in some, besides guesting on many writers' blogs. 

I found myself always looking for something to send someone that would explain a concept they weren't understanding or applying to their work--always with the heart of trying to repay because I received such wonderful help when I was new in this wonderful community.

I finally started gathering all the articles into a single folder in my Word documents and realized I had enough material for a book! Voila! And so I began putting all my blogs and posts, articles, and editing papers into Story & Style, The Craft of Writing Creative Fiction

It’s written in a conversational tone and I've been told that makes the tools of this craft easier to understand. I've included lots of examples, too. Some of the chapter names are Hooks, Point of View, Characterization, and Dialogue, and there’s an emphases throughout of using an active voice rather than passive. 

At sixty-five, if I've learned anything, it is that one never quits learning! It is my desire with Story & Style to inspire writers to improve their craft. It is my nineteenth title, my third non-fiction. I've been blessed to have four historical Christian Texas Romance, two Biblical fictions, four contemporary romances, three mid-grade chapter books, a WWII military novel, a thriller (written specifically for a secular audience) and an audio mystery. I've edited professionally since 2001, and honed my craft at twenty-two years of read-and-critique sessions!

If you know ANYone who writes--whether they've just said they want to and haven't started yet or have many titles published--I would venture to promise God will use this book to improve their knowledge of the tools available to them and take their writing to a new level. Please get them a copy! You can comment below and maybe win the giveaway and gift them with that copy!

Praying my story gives God glory! Blessings to you in the name of His Son!

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