Sunday, December 15, 2013

A First Day Treat! Meet the Author: Heather Manning

Isn't she beautiful?

Hello my friends!

I've wanted to jump on the bandwagon to promote other authors, and so here I am today to introduce you to a young woman with all the best to come! Meet Heather Manning who’s first novel SWEPT TO SEA debuted last month. I've had a great time visiting with Heather and here's what she had to say!
It’s so exciting to have your first book out. When was its debut and what do you have planned?
            My novel, Swept to Sea, debuted on November 15th. I have a series of guest blog posts and interviews scheduled around the internet, including a post on the USA Today book blog.

I heard about your USA Today news. That’s so awesome. So it’s almost been a whole month. Tell me this, how has it compared to what you thought having your first book out for the world would be like, and what’s been your favorite part?
            Being published is a little different than I expected, I must admit. It's kind of a weird but good feeling. I thought that I would be really nervous and just absolutely not know what to do with myself, and that no one would want to buy my book. But that is not the case, and for that, I am glad. :) I sometimes find myself thinking that someone out there who I've never met could be reading my book right now, and hopefully enjoying it. The thought makes me smile uncontrollably. 
            My favorite part about being published is getting to see strangers reviewing my book on Amazon, and all of the sweet texts and messages my friends have sent me who read my book.

How about we go back to when you first got the idea to write SWEPT TO SEA. I know you’re still in school and am interested in what got you started at such a young age. Can I ask how old you are?
Lovely cover, right?
            I first got the idea to write Swept to Sea in 8th grade. I have always loved inspirational historical romances and pirates, so I decided to write my own. I just turned 17 years old literally two days ago, so everything involved with the publishing of Swept to Sea happened when I was 16 years old.

I’m so impressed, Heather. When I was a little younger that that, a 7th grader (in 1962), an essay on what we’d be doing in the year 2000 was assigned, and I wrote I was an intergallactically famous author (so funny!), but I did not write my first novel until the late ‘80s! It must be exciting to think of what you can accomplish getting started so young! Tell us about SWEPT TO SEA. What’s the story about? 
            That is awesome. I wish I was intergalactically famous! LOL
Swept to Sea is about a young lady who stows away on a pirate ship to escape her abusive fiance. She ends up taking care of the son of the ship's revenge-seeking pirate captain. That's Swept to Sea in a nutshell. :)

Excellent! Many authors find it difficult to boil down their story like that. Good job! SO how about some fun insight to you. I enjoyed Carrie Underwood on that live Sound of Music almost as much as Julie Andrews. I’m wondering, what are a few of your favorite things?
            It's funny that you should ask that, because I really enjoyed that live Sound of Music as well. Musicals are one of my favorite things! Some of my other favorite things are eating donuts, reading, painting my nails, and acting in theater. 

Heather as Millie Owens in Picnic!
Oh yes! I saw your photos of you and the cast of a play. I love y’all’s costumes and I’m with you on Musicals! What about favorite FOOD, COLOR, AUTHOR (I always specify “that I don’t know”), and BOOK? Throw in anymore you think of, too!
            Thank you! My favorite food is...whipped cream, if you count that as a food. :)  My favorite colors are lime green and neon pink. I can't choose my favorite author, but a couple of my favorites are Mary Connealy, MaryLu Tyndall, and Deeanne Gist. My favorite book? Oh my goodness, I don't know if I can choose! I love anything written by the favorite authors I mentioned. 

Why don’t you give us the links where we can get SWEPT TO SEA (I love that alliteration) and your Facebook author page so we can go like it and support you! And I just want to say again congratulations on your success!
            You can find Swept to Sea on amazon, smashwords, and Astraea Press's Website.

Thanks so much, and thanks for having me!

Absolutely, Heather, it's been my pleasure, and thank you! I pray the Lord blesses the works of your hands! I'll be looking forward to seeing many more books from you in the future! Hugs from Texas!

Hey, I'm wondering - if you're an author reading this, how early did you know you wanted to write?