Thursday, August 15, 2013

HALLELUJAH! It's a book!

It's a BOOK!!!

I awoke late this morning for not being able to go to sleep last night, so got a not-so-early start on the day. I went to work with several projects on my list. For those of you who don't know, we've been moving to about 5 miles south of Clarksville in our new home name The Peaceable. SO I have many projects going on.
     Around four, the dogs barking drew my attention to the front window, and I looked just in time to see the UPS man get back in his truck. Working in the kitchen, I figured I'd go get what he brought in just a minute, but of course, I got busy finishing that project and forgot.
     After dinner, Ron and I went out to the front yard to visit and bounce landscaping ideas around. He got bit twice right away by the Texas mosquitoes and insisted that I join him in the living room (no TV there) if I wanted to talk. On the way back in, I noticed the box and brought it inside to open.
     Ron asked who it was from, but I didn't have my reading glasses on and couldn't tell, but I figured it was the new business and post cards I'd ordered from Vista Print to have at the upcoming ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference in September. I got a case cutter and slit the top tape, pulled back the cardboard, then gasped.

     It was Susannah Baylor staring out at me. I said, "It's the book! It's a book! It's here!" We both got a copy from the box and had so much fun looking it over. It's an advance copy produced before the last round of  edits, and not for sale, but I'm pretty sure I can GIVE one away! Sign up to follow my blog, share this blog on your facebook page, and leave a comment here, there, and everywhere or a tweet, and you'll get an entry for each!
Be sure and tag me so I'll know! Winners announced in one week on Saturday, the 24th. That should give y'all plenty of time to talk up VOW UNBROKEN, new historical Christian romance debuting March 4, 2014!

    This photo is our shelf of FIRSTS! The books to the left of VOW UNBROKEN are all the first printed copy of our books that we ever put our hands on - a very special collection representing about twenty years of studying, writing, reading, getting critique, then rewriting! The first nine titles I co-authored with my husband, but VOW UNBROKEN is my baby : ) The China doll was a souvenir gift from my husband's trip to China, and the egg, a souvenir gift when my son went to Moldavia on a mission trip. Also very special! 
      This is more shelves, the book beneath the special FIRSTS shelf, the books are all from authors who are my friends. These books represent so many dear relationships God gave me and many enjoyable hours of reading!
     I hope you will rejoice with me! The box of books came on my grandson Seth's 22nd birthday! August 14th! What a great day! Y'all be blessed and know that when you trust on the Lord, your dreams do come true! He is such a loving Father and has blessed me BIG this day!! I praise Him and give Him G*L*O*R*Y!